The most wanted villager

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The most wanted villager

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In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, only two villagers will live with us on the island at the beginning. Attracting more villagers is a necessary task for us to upgrade the island and build a prosperous island. However, the types and personalities of villagers are different, and it is also very important to choose suitable villagers.

Inviting characters to the camp through the amiibo card and upgrading residents' services to become buildings to obtain ACNH Bells, attracting buyers to settle in are all methods. But when using the Nook Miles Ticket to go to a deserted island, talking to the visiting character is a more common way.

Due to the different personalities of the villagers and the different DIY recipes they can provide, the following types of villagers will be worth looking for.

Raymond is a villager that players are willing to Buy Animal Crossing Bells and Nook Miles Tickets to get. As an acute and fashionable cat, its Smug personality type and rarity make it a villager that many players want.

Marina is the only female octopus character. Lovely appearance and optimistic personality always bring players a happy mood. Ordinary but unique, full of personality, and rare and difficult to get along with, she is also deeply loved by players.

Marshal is a cute white squirrel. Its appearance also shows that its expressive power is sufficient. It is the most ideal role for resort island design. Other themes can also match it. Its hairstyle and its angry expression, and the contrast after it smiles, make it easy for players to fall into its self-confidence.

Everyone is welcome to leave the villagers you want most, and the reasons why you fall in love with them. Mmoso will send you precious prizes.
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